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    I participated in the 2010 Transrockies Run, Buena Vista to Beaver Creek, Aug. 22-27, 2010, and would be happy to discuss my experience in greater detail on this forum.
    I enjoyed it a lot and the stages are magnificent and challenging...but unfortunately my out-of-state team mate, coming from sea level, struggled and became ill with altitude sickness, heat exhaustion, and dehydration (even ending up at the ER one 24-mile day). This is a difficult race, no question, and over 6 days it's easy to get run down and not take care of yourself properly back at the campsites! Plus you're sleeping in a tent and it's in the 30s at night; that alone just takes some extra energy.

    I think that if you can anticipate running the stages in a reasonable amount of time (say, 5 hours or less, and the longest stage is about 24 miles with several thousand feet of climbing, several thousand feet of descending, plus significant time at high altitude) then you'll get the best experience in the Transrockies Run. Slower runners ended up being out there doing the stage for 6+ hours, exhausting themselves and baking in the sun, then scrambling around the campsites to take a shower, eat the dinner which was always at 5 pm, set up their stuff, etc., whereas the faster runners had more leisure time at camp to rest, clean up, etc. (The cut-off times were generous enough for each stage that you could literally walk the entire stage and make the cut-off-- there were some women racers in their 60s/70s from Germany who did just that.)

    You aren't fed lunch by the race organizers, just breakfast & dinner, so again, faster runners had time to go seek out some food to make up for the skipped lunch whereas slower runners tended to just wait until dinner... and the rest area provided at camp was inevitably quickly emptied of snacks by the time the slower runners finished. I'm definitely tempted to do the Transrockies race again, especially since it was so well-organized and smoothly run, but I'll be planning ahead differently if I do!

    Transrockies Run News

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    Thanks for the write up. I have this on my calendar to run next year with a college friend. Hoping life doesn't get in the way, but definitley want to do it!

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    sometimes life is hard, but we have to continue.

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    Sounds great but I would have a hard time paying almost $1000 to enter



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