The 5K in Five Points was an inaugural race run in the historic Five Points neighborhood. The race had 218 finishers. The race had some really cool aspects, however there were a few areas where you could tell it was their first year and they were still working out the kinks.

The race started at noon to coincide with the jazz festival. However, at noon they started thanking everyone for coming out and explaining the cause. That's fine, but the race also needs to be considerate of the runners who want to start on time, thus the race started 15-20 minutes late for no good reason. The race has to realize there are some runners who coordinate their warmup to coincide with the start time and the larger the race is, the more serious runners it will attract.

Registration took place in Curtis Park and that's where they had a DJ and the PA system. Runners were then sent down to the large inflatabale arch about 100 yards away. I lined up in the front and NO one could hear what the person on the PA system was saying. Eventually the race winner took off and said "I think they said go!" so everyone took off behind him. It was chaotic to say the least, this can easily be improved for next year, simply by sending someone down to the start line with the runners.

The course was fantastic. I love original courses and this entire course was not only original but run on city streets with long straight aways. There were police at every intersection, guessing this race spent a fortune for traffic control. Course had few turns, some slight hills but nothing drastic.

The race ended in Five Points where the jazz festival festivities were about to start. The race had plenty of post-race snacks and refreshments, as well as a bag provided by the Microsoft Store.

This race has a ton of potential, I could see it becoming a thousand plus person race in a few years if they have the right direction. Working with a ton of races, I can tell when a race is put on by a group of non-runners and that's the vibe I got from this race. They got the big things right, but missed on a few of the small details.

Simple stuff, like not asking for gender or age upon registration, thus results were missing that critical piece of information. They also did not have an award ceremony. I understand they're cost to this, but always good to at least do something, at the minimum recognize the top three overall male/female winners.

Overall, love the race, love the idea, they just need to work out the kinks.