• Wash Park's Top 12 5Ks of 2012

    Heather Utrata managed to snag four of the top 12 women performances at Denver's Wash Park in 2012, but the top spot went to Brianne Nelson for her 17:03 at the Scream Scram 5K. With Southwest offering up airline tickets to the winners, the Scream Scram proved to be the fastest 5K at Wash Park this year.

    Matt Kempton won the Scream Scram 5K and had the fastest time of the year for the men at Wash Park with his 15:33.

    The Resolution 5K will be the last 5K of the year at Wash Park and the race generally attracts a fast field. We will update after the race if anyone cracks the top 12.

    Kylee Schuler at Scream Scram 5K

    01/22/12 - Polar Bear 5K
    02/05/12 - Super Bowl 5K
    02/12/12 - Valentines Day 5K
    03/25/12 - Stop TB Trot 5K
    04/01/12 - Aveda Earth Day 5K
    04/29/12 - Recovery Steps 5K
    06/17/12 - Pajama Run 5K
    06/24/12 - Purple Stride 5K
    07/15/12 - Donor Dash 5K
    07/22/12 - CYAR 5K
    07/29/12 - Kid's Cure for Cancer 5K
    08/05/12 - I Run Colorado 5K
    08/19/12 - Race for Research 5K
    10/19/12 - Scream Scram 5K
    11/11/12 - Fetal Hope 5K
    12/09/12 - Jingle Bell 5K
    12/31/12 - Resolution 5K

    Matt Kempton - 15:33 (Scream Scram 5K)
    Kent Wories - 15:48 (Scream Scram 5K)
    Edwin Sang - 15:52 (Fetal Hope 5K)
    Steven Busch - 15:55 (Donor Dash 5K)
    Cerake Geberkidane - 15:58 (Fetal Hope 5K)
    Adam Rich - 16:00 (Fetal Hope 5K)
    Carl Arnold - 16:02 (Scream Scram 5K)
    Adam Rich - 16:09 (Scream Scram 5K)
    Shawn Lindbom - 16:18 (Scream Scram 5K)
    Steven Busch - 16:26 (I Run Colorado 5K)
    Jackson Friesth - 16:27 (Aveda Earth Day 5K)
    Garret Wilson - 16:33 (Resolution 5K)

    Brianne Nelson - 17:03 (Fetal Hope 5K)
    Heather Utrata - 17:28 (Donor Dash 5K)
    Christie Foster - 17:50 (Scream Scram 5K)
    Heather Utrata - 17:56 (Scream Scram 5K)
    Chantelle Dron - 17:59 (Fetal Hope 5K)
    Heather Utrata - 18:32 (Polar Bear 5K)
    Heather Utrata - 18:35 (Valentine's Day 5K)
    Brandy Erholtz - 18:36 (Scream Scram 5K)
    Karen Mellian-Smith - 18:36 (Scream Scram 5K)
    Melanie Nun - 18:42 (Donor Dash 5K)
    Kylee Schuler - 19:00 (Scream Scram 5K)
    Darby Gilfillan - 19:09 (Resolution 5K)
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    1. Detective Schrader's Avatar
      Detective Schrader -
      Donor Dash 2012 by batratspider at Garmin Connect - Details

      DonorDash5K by cutbackcoach12 at Garmin Connect - Details

      That Donor Dash 5K was a touch short it was not the traditional Wash Park course so you should probably throw out Utrata and Busch's times, notice how both are much faster than there previous races.
    1. dumprunner's Avatar
      dumprunner -
      The Donor Dash is a certified course.

      USATF - Certified Course Map
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      The Denver Marathon was certified in 2010 as well.
    1. Detective Holmes's Avatar
      Detective Holmes -
      Look at that certified map and pay attention to where the start is, they clearly put the start line in the wrong spot - course was short. You can see the sidewalk that is horizontal in that pic on the map and that's a good amount from where the start should be.

      JLD_2170 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
    1. dennisthek's Avatar
      dennisthek -
      I agree that is not 54 feet south of the crosswalk. Maybe closer to 10-15 feet south. So, what is that: some 7 seconds short for Steven Busch? When I ran it in 2010, it did start at the correct place. I am not as sure about 2011. But, I think it was about the right place.
    1. ESCO's Avatar
      ESCO -
      It's not 54ft south of the crosswalk in the photo, it is 54ft south of the crosswalk that is north of that start line that runs more north/south, you can see it on the map.

      For timing I have to setup the start at Wash Park all the time and it looks like they started the Donor Dash close to where the normal 5K course starts at Wash Park. The Donor Dash start is much farther north.

      Regardless Utrata and Busch would have still cracked the top 12 with their times, so I will leave them in there.
    1. dennisthek's Avatar
      dennisthek -
      You're right...it's not 54' south (and I should have said north) of that crosswalk...but 54' south of the other crosswalk at the intersection (Bowling Green Lane, or whatever it is called). The regular start is supposed to be 18' north of the crosswalk in the picture, as you know (from the certified course map). It does look as if they were close to that starting line. As you say, they would have still cracked the top 12. I do think there should be an asterisk noting that the course is approximately X number of feet or so short, if you're going to keep their times.
      I have the feeling after thinking about it that it was probably short in 2011, but I am reasonably certain that in 2010 (the first year of that course) the start was in the correct place, as it was so much farther north of the usual start line that I was surprised. As we were lined up (and I was pretty far back), I didn't realize they were running out of the park for about 2 miles. I now seem to recall that I was surprised how short the distance was in 2011 before we turned left to go out of the park as compared to the year before.
    1. ESCO's Avatar
      ESCO -
      I just updated the list with the results from the Resolution 5K. We had two runners crack the top 12, both as number 12.
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