• Mizuno/BRC/RunColo - December Runner of the Month - Linn Snyder

    Linn Snyder of Denver is the Mizuno/Boulder Running Company/RunColo runner of the month for December for her impressive 2:59:09 at the California International Marathon.

    Thanks to Mizuno and Boulder Running Company, Linn will get to pick out a pair of Mizuno running shoes.

    Congratulations on your 2:59:09 at the California International Marathon (CIM)? Tell us about the race and have you ever run in worse conditions? Was that a PR for you in the marathon?

    Thanks for the congrats! This marathon would have been perfect if you were looking for sheets of pouring rain and 40+mph wind gusts. Unfortunately, this is not what I was looking for in my fall marathon. Months prior to the race, I received a ton of feedback on how great this course is, how fast this course is, and that I should be able to run a great time, but when the weather forecast the day before said wind gusts and pouring rain all I could think of is everyone lied. My original goal went out the window and all I wanted was to run a sub 3-hour marathon time to get a PR, which I did, and I am extremely happy with the outcome despite the conditions. As miserable as this race was, I still can say I have ran in worse conditions. I grew up in Chinle, Arizona, which has some of the worst dust storms and wind during the Spring and nothing could be more miserable than running in those conditions.

    Quite a few runners who were registered to run CIM, bailed due to the weather and ran an alternative marathon, did that thought cross your mind?

    Yes, that thought definitely did cross my mind, and I have to admit I REALLY wanted to bail and run another race. I also wanted to enjoy my 10 days off of running as well, and those days of enjoyment would not be had until I ran my marathon. I talked to my coach and he knew this race was going to be difficult, but he did not seem too worried, and I took my cue from him. I am very grateful he had that attitude because it kept me from freaking out.

    You also ran a negative split at CIM, something that few people in a marathon are able to do, what was your secret?

    I am going to have to credit my coach, Brad Hudson, on this one. He told me to go out at a certain pace, and in the second half go by feel. Once the second half started, I felt great and started to slowly drop my mile splits. Brad knows my training, and I am glad I took his race plan on this one. I guess the secret is to trust the training and to definitely trust the Coach.

    Tell us about yourself and how you got into running?

    I am Navajo, and the thing about us Navajos is running is a big part of our culture. Traditionally, days are supposed to start out with a run at dawn towards the East. The belief is we are then blessed during that morning run. My mom and grandparents raised me with this teaching, and it also helped that my best friend in 5th grade joined cross country and since I didn’t want to be left out, I joined too. This is when I discovered all the running I did as a little kid held some talent. I ran until my senior year in high school, and then took an eight year break from running. Then in 2007, I slowly started running recreationally, and then decided to join a friend training for the Chicago Marathon, one thing led to another, and next thing you know I fell in love with the distance, and in 2010, I committed myself to seeing how fast I could possibly run the marathon and took up a coach and serious training schedules.

    Do you have any groups or training partners that you consistently train with?

    I am a part of Hudson Training Systems which is led by my coach Brad Hudson, and this group has some of the best running partners in the area, not to mention country. Normally, I get to train with the group on weekends, but during the week the majority of my training is solo because I live in Denver, while the majority of everyone in the group lives in Boulder. Often, my wonderful and supportive husband will take out his bike and pace me and help with fuel on the harder runs. I work south of the Denver Tech Center, and I have some great loops of all distances so it helps that I have lots of running options around where I work.

    What are you favorite races to run in Colorado?

    My favorite race has been Greenland 25K. I love the open space of the course, and it’s not too technical to where one needs to be a trail runner, but it’s not a road race either. The support of the volunteers and race director has that race running like a well oiled machine. It also happens to be the first race I ran in Colorado and first run I ever did over 10 miles, so it holds a lot of sentimental value.

    I see that you read 107 books in 2012, impressive feat, what were some of your favorites?

    I am addicted to reading while running on a treadmill. The e-reader is possibly the best invention, ever. There is no need to turn a page, all you do is touch the screen, which makes all those easy runs go by very fast. Two books that stand out for 2012 are ‘World War Z’ by Max Brooks and ‘How to Kill a Rock Star’ by Tiffanie DeBartolo. I love zombie books and I love any type of book that includes witty references to good music.

    What are your running goals for 2013 and do you have a marathon picked out yet?

    My running goals for 2013 have not yet been solidified, but I am thinking of doing a late Spring marathon, or using the first half of this year to work on getting a PR in shorter distance races and then plan for a Fall marathon.
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    1. KevG's Avatar
      KevG -
      Congrats Linn!
    1. nezpa@frontiernet.net's Avatar
      nezpa@frontiernet.net -
      Yaateeh, Granddaughter. 2:59:09 IN THE RAIN!!!! WOW!!! I've always been very proud of you, but this tops it. I've always loved going to Marathons with our
      son in Oregon, and I want to let all of the Rez to know about this accomplishment of yours. Tomorrow I'm going to where it started for you (CHS) to share the great news.
      The article about you wll spread far and near and I know you will still be the neat person you are because of the teachings of your family and your culture. Hi from all of us in
      the Nez family. Good work you. Grandma Polly
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