• Denver's City Park's 12 Fastest 5K Runners of 2012

    There were 22 timed five kilometer races in Denver's City Park this year, so let's examine the data and find who was the fastest and what was the cut off to crack the top 12.

    For the most part everyone utilizes the same race course in City Park, I know the Colfax 5K course is slightly different and a few of the races such as the Drop Your Drawers and Run Wild 5K utlized the bike path within City Park and not the city streets. However, with City Park being relatively flat, it's fair to compare all races at the park.

    Adidas/Boulder Running Company's Lori Walker was the fastest women on the year with her 18:20 at the Mother's Day 5K, where she also took home the title of fastest mom on the day. This year you had to break 19:56 in the 5K, to crack our top 12 list.

    Russ Stein posted the fastest men's time with a 16:18 at the Bunny Bolt 5K back in April and Greg Reindl took the 12th spot in 2012 with his 17:26 at the Undy 5000.

    There is one more 5K to take place in 2012, that is the Christmas Carol 5K/10K this Saturday. Please let me know if I missed any races and I will adjust accordingly.

    Lori Walker @ Mother's Day 5K

    Denver City Park 5K Races

    02/18/12 - A Community Gathering 5K
    03/17/12 - Lucky Laces 5K
    04/07/12 - Bunny Bolt 5K
    04/14/12 - Feel the Energy 5K
    04/29/12 - Recovery Steps 5K
    05/12/12 - Girls on the Run 5K
    05/13/12 - Mother's Day 5K
    05/17/12 - Liver Life Walk & Twilight 5K
    05/20/12 - Colfax 5K
    05/27/12 - Denver Promise Run 5K
    06/12/12 - Jodi's Race 5K
    06/10/12 - Strides for Epilepsy 5K
    06/23/12 - Undy 5000
    06/24/12 - E-Race Lonliness 5K
    07/20/12 - Drop Your Drawers and Run Wild 5K
    07/28/12 - Destination Health 5K
    08/17/12 - Firefly Run 5K
    09/16/12 - PHUN Run 5K
    10/27/12 - Bare Leg Run 5K
    11/03/12 - Home for the Holidays 5K
    11/10/12 - Home Sweet Home 5K
    12/02/12 - Rudolph Ramble 5K
    12/22/12 - Christmas Carol Classic 5K

    Russ Stein - 16:18 (Bunny Bolt 5K)
    Alejandro Jimenez - 16:38 (Bunny Bolt 5K)
    David Scudamore - 16:41 (Home for the Holidays 5K)
    Jonathan Huie - 16:46 (Christmas Carol Classic 5K)
    Peter Vail - 16:51 (Feel the Energy 5K)
    Peter Tanui - 16:58 (Destination Health 5K)
    Cyrus Severance - 17:00 (Bunny Bolt 5K)
    Brian Erb - 17:00 (Strides for Epilepsy 5K)
    David Morris - 17:03 (Girls on the Run 5K)
    Joe Donelson - 17:04 (Home Sweet Home 5K)
    Matt Tubbs - 17:25 ( Home for the Holidays 5K)
    Ross Bryant - 17:25 (Home for the Holidays 5K)

    Lori Walker - 18:20 (Mother's Day 5K)
    Patty Murray-Albo - 18:39 (Mother's Day 5K)
    Briana Boehmer - 18:44 (Christmas Carol Classic 5K)
    Cassie Slade - 18:52 (Girls on the Run 5K)
    Amanda McCracken - 18:59 (Lucky Laces 5K)
    Laura Mortimer - 19:07 (Mother's Day 5K)
    Amanda McCracken - 19:24 (Firefly Run 5K)
    Jessica Harper - 19:32 (Home for the Holidays 5K)
    Nicole Hahn - 19:34 (Christmas Carol Classic 5K)
    Kelsey Luoma - 19:39 (Home for the Holidays 5K)
    Molly Smith - 19:42 (Mother's Day 5K)
    Jessica Harper - 19:43 (Rudolph Ramble 5K)
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    1. Sarah's Avatar
      Sarah -
      The Christmas Carol Classic 5k had a speedy lady in the lead. I was impressed given the icy course! She would probably fall into the second slot...maybe 1B to keep the list under 12
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      Second place woman at the Christmas Carol Classic will also make this list. It was very impressive since the top runners in the 5k had to dart around the slower runners and walkers from the 10k race. The 10k race started 5 minutes before on the same course. Needless to say, the top 5k runners did not take the shortest route on this course since it was pretty well clogged up with the 10k runners, walkers, strollers and dogs.
    1. ESCO's Avatar
      ESCO -
      Updated, we had two new women make the list and Jonathan Huie for the men, from the Christmas Carol Classic 5K.
    1. dumprunner's Avatar
      dumprunner -
      I'm glad races have started coming back to City Park. What other course besides those two are even close. I think Stapleton's Central Park has 3-4 races 5ks a year.
    1. ESCO's Avatar
      ESCO -
      I bet there were ~10 5K races in Stapleton this year and there were quite a few at Sloan's Lake in 2012, more so than in years past.
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