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    It's time to consolidate all the discount codes out there for Colorado runners into one convenient location. Thus, I have gathered up all the codes that I know and have posted them below and will update this list as new codes come in and as races fall off the list.

    Bookmark this thread and I'll make sure to bump it up on occasion.

    07/26 - Oyster the Race - use code RUNCOLO for 10% off
    08/09 - Rambling Rose 5K -20% off with code RUNCOLO
    08/23 - Ruffin' Mudder - Use promo code June 245 to get two tickets for $45.00
    08/06 - Ragnar Trail Snowmass - Use promo code SM14RUNCOLO to save $50.00, expires
    08/16 - Skirt Chaser 5K - Use code 3Wparty10, expires on July 24th
    09/06 - AREA 13.1 Half Marathon & 5K - Use code RUNCOLO5OFF to get $5.00 off the 5K and RUNCOLO10OFF to get $10.00 off the half marathon.

    If you know of any discount codes, drop a line in the comments.
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      ESCO -
      The date next to the code is simply the date of the race.
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      Unregistered -
      3WRACES %15 off TOMW15
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      Unregistered -
      $5 off the Run for Babies this Saturday with code MFBWALKER on active.com
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      Unregistered -
      Thank you!!!!
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      Unregistered -
      Run the 'Rocks 5k run/walk on October 12th at Red Rocks. American Lung Association: Run the 'Rocks 5K - $5 off with discount code RUNCOLOROCKS
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    Colorado Racing - Discount Codes

    Run the 'Rocks 5k run/walk on October 12th at Red Rocks. American Lung Association: Run the 'Rocks... Go to last post

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