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Week in Review - 10/03 to 10/09

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by , 10-14-2011 at 01:39 PM (772 Views)
10/03 - 10 miles
10/04 - 5*1k at 5k pace, 12 miles total
10/05 - 10 miles + 2 miles in VFF
10/06 - 15 miles
10/07 - 20 miles
10/08 - off (work)
10/09 - 13.1 in 1:20:56, 15.1 miles total

Total 85.1 Miles

* Decent week of training, was hoping to get over 90 but Saturday was a long work day, couldn't get 'er done.
* Denver Half was about what I was expecting. Part of me thought I might be able to run sub 1:20, but I had no basis for that rationale and my pace going out was for the goal of a 1:20:30.
* I'm AMAZED at how many people continue to go out too fast. On Sunday I saw people that are slower than me in a marathon leading me the first mile or two when I was running the half. I just don't get it, pacing is not that hard, especially when you have a Garmin. At the end of the race I constantly heard people say "I went out too fast," I learned the value of even pacing when I was 19 years old, but apparently some people can't figure it out?
* Right now I'm guessing that I am in 2:46 marathon shape (sea level). Six weeks until Philly Marathon, getting a new PR is possible, but it will be tight.

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