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Week in Review - 01/24 to 01/30

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by , 01-30-2011 at 07:27 PM (1825 Views)
01/24 - 10 miles
01/25 - 10 miles with 8*800 (5k race pace) 2min rest.
01/26 - 12 miles
01/27 - 22 miles
01/28 - 10 miles
01/29 - 10 miles
01/30 - 13.53 with Jodan Jones and crew on the HC

* Total 87.53

* Most miles in a week, EVER.
* Weight is at 163lbs, lost 8lbs in January.
* After the 22m on Thursday I was really sore. My IT band was hurting, muscles were sore, etc. Today's run I felt great though, IT band is a tad tight, not not worried
* Not looking forward to the cold front moving in
* Thinking about running one of those Super Bowl 5ks next Sunday, probably the one in Highlands Ranch
* I got a massage on Friday. The massage therapist asked afterwards "Do your legs feel really sore?" I told him they actually felt great for the amount of running I have been doing of late. Everything is relative. I don't think you can run more than 50 miles per week without some kind of nagging running pain, tightness, sensitive shins. At least I never have, as long as I can run and not have to think about whatever the ailment is with every steep, it's a good day. Heck, even in high school I remember being plenty sore after XC and track.
* Going to keep the mileage above 80pw in February. I'm tempted to throw down a 100mpw, just to say that I did it. I'm not one to chase gimicks, so we'll see.
* I missed one of my quality workouts this week, thus going to do it tomorrow and have three for next week.


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  1. jmock's Avatar
    You got a massage from a dude?
  2. ESCO's Avatar
    Oh yeah! I usually go to the same girl but had to change up the date, I think he is the only guy that works there and is the lead MT, so I didn't really care.
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